My name is Josh Benton, though some days I wish it were Inigo Montoya, and much to the chagrin of anyone who ever thought I might prove socially useful, I enjoy philosophy. My primary focus is on Continental philosophy from Nietzsche through phenomenology, particularly post-Husserlian phenomenology. I don’t think philosophy is, or should be, limited to people who take themselves too seriously, and spend all their time thinking “important” thoughts that have no relevance to lived experience (hence the focus on phenomenology). I also happen to like comic books, so it only seemed natural I combined these too things.

In case the philosophy and comic books weren’t enough to clue you in, I’m a geek. In addition to philosophy I’ve studied art history, theatre, and a dash of photography; I try and keep myself versatile, and I love learning new things. I’m an agnostic areligious atheist, and if I ever summon enough faith in humanity I’ll be an anarchist. I can be pretty abrasive at times, and have a habit of working blue. You don’t like any of that you’re free to go somewhere else.


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