All Quiet on the Philosophic Front

15 Jan

My apologies for the silence that has dominated these past couple weeks. Things have been a bit hectic around these parts, and will likely continue to be so for a while, and I just haven’t had anything I’ve felt was particularly worth saying. On the plus side there are some things brewing under the surface which should help make sure there’s more content here in the future.

First up I picked up copies of The Mindscape of Alan Moore, which I’ve seen before, as well as Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods, which I’ve not seen. I picked them up in conjunction with something I’m working on, but might well convince myself to post reviews of them here.

Like many writers who’ve yet to make their chops proper I seem to always have one or more projects I’d really like to work on, but which seem to be in a perpetual state of never actually getting done. One of these is a fiction novel that’s been hanging in limbo for quite a while now. In order to breathe life back into it I need to sit down and do the necessary research to recreate a mostly-accurate representation of Renaissance Venice. Another is a more scholarly work that deals with the artist J.M.W. Turner and his place in the artistic canon.

The third has been brewing for not quite a year now. I really don’t want to give away too much, other than to say that it would be related to the subject of this blog. There are still quite a few details to work out and inquires to be made, but I’m hoping to start an initial foray to examine the feasibility of the project, as well as the exact approach I want to take, within the next few weeks. If it looks like there’s the possibility the project is going to be viable, and to be viable in a way that won’t leave me a gibbering wreck, I’ll likely talk about it more as it moves from vague conception to an apocalyptic beast that consumes my every thought.

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